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ZEPHYRA: Il gran finale!

This is the final studio report, and further down, the final STUDIO VLOG!
Now, the mix is being done, so stay updated for the news about release & other goodies!
Day 20 – Bass re-amping & Growls
Friday – Wow!Started off with re-amping the bass.
Did a couple of songs with growls.

Day 21 – Re-amping & Final growls
Most day was spent re-amping the rhythm guitars.
The songs started to come together as, yeah, you know, songs!
Åsa was sick all day with fever,
but still did badass growls and screams for the final two songs.

Day 22 – Re-amping & check!
The last day spent in the studio.
We started off at 11, so we had a soft morning.
Today was all about listening through the songs.
It was really a pleasure listening, and realize how hard we´d worked!
Ended the day with grabbing a GREAT pizza with Jonny, Lore and Martina.
Had a good evening/night in their company, and then slept well!

Day 23 – HOME!
So, the day came!
We were DONE. D-O-N-E!1512729_10151929570899773_1416984547_n What a feeling!
Just saying – Your own bed.

The GREATEST thanks to Jonny and Lorenzo,
for three weeks of pleasure and pain!
You are fabulous!
You´re worth all the brown sauce in the world!
See you….sooner than you think!

Below, you find the new STUDIO VLOG!

Be really sure to follow us on || FACEBOOK || for updates about the RELEASE!

Take care all of you!




ZEPHYRA: Studio report #4

Good evening folks!
At least it is evening here in Italy.
Hope you are all well!
It´s time for…*drum roll*…

Studio report #4

Day 13 – Guitars & Meeting
The morning started early with listening to the Women of Metal Radio Show.
They aired the interview with Åsa around 4.30 AM (CET).
A link to the interview will be up as soon as we get it.
After the listen, we got a couple of more hours of sleep.
Studio work started with the final parts of rhythm guitars.
The song went smooth and then it was time to meet the owner of the record label.
We had a good meeting with lots of news, ideas and discussions.
It felt great to meet in person, and we really like how the plans are made!IMG_4396_Fotor

Day 14 – Clean guitars & Vocals
Today the clean guitars were recorded.
Tony finished all of them before lunch – Superb!
The afternoon was dedicated to clean vocals.
3 more songs were done by Åsa.
Before bedtime we had a steak at the restaurant La Perla.

Day 15 – Some spare time!
Oh, a day off! Luxury!
Our plans were to go to Florence for a whole day,
but the train was cancelled (typical TrenItalia obviously).
Instead we got a cozy breakfast moment and then we went to Montecatini.
We spent the whole day there. A very nice city!

Day 16 – Melody guitars/solos & vocals
Monday began with a change of schedule of the train.
How were we supposed to know?
Swedes complain about SJ.IMG_4277_Fotor
SJ is FLAWLESS compared to TrenItalia.
We took a later train to the studio, but that was okay.
Lorenzo and Jonathan was rendering and editing,
so no time was wasted.
Tony did three songs with melodies and solos,
and then we had lunch.
Åsa got to record three songs with clean vocals.
Some extras were made as well!
The train back ‘home’ was only 7 minutes late. Lucky us!

Day 17 – Melody guitars/solos & vocals
To make a really long day short:
Three songs recorded with melody guitars
and solos in the morning. Two songs edited.
Three songs done with clean vocals,
meaning clean vocals are ALL done.
One song recorded with growls.
Good day!

Day 18 – Melody guitars & Growls
On time – Check!IMG_4407_Fotor
Coffee – Check!
First: Melody guitars and solos for Tony.
6 songs done by late lunchtime. Fabulous!
Some editing by Jonny, and then….growls.
Did three songs in the evening, and they all went well.
Rounded up the night with pizza @ La Perla.

Day 19 – Growls
Got to sleep late this day! Wonderful!
Less wonderful is that the B&B definitely is haunted!
A really strange thing happened in the morning.
Gotta be a ghost in there.
The story is there for anyone who wants it.
Studio work then started at 11 AM.
Some time for editing, then time for growls!
Åsa nailed 4 more songs, and put in  high screams too.
Long day lead to an early sleep time.

Below, you can have a look at our studio vlog #4.
Have a sneak peek!

The final studio report will be up during all the christmas holidays!
Be sure to follow us along the path!


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