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The wait is OVER! 
Now you can pre-order a nice bundle with a signed copy of the new album AND the brand new t-shirt!
All this before it gets to the stores!

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Väntan är över gott folk! 
Nu kan du förhandsbeställa ett signerat ex av albumet och vår nydesignade t-shirt.
Du har plattan i näven innan den nått butikerna!

Klicka dig in i vår webbshop! |m|




That’s the beauty of this album.
The direction is changed on you at a moments notice
A solid debut full album glistening with classic,
thrash and power influences but made better with the split vocals.”
Legalalien – Black Phoenix Rising (10/10)


”The quartet shows a fine work on their debut,
being somewhat different many bands because the use of calm and tender
female vocals amongst the harsh and guttural screams and grunts in different,
and in the case, Åsa Netterbrant’s voice is extremely good and sounds great to us.”
Marcos Garcia – Metal-Temple (8/10)


”If you like metal with clean and growly vocals,
with a loadsa melody thrown into the mix for good measure,
may I offer you a word of advice, buy this when it´s released.”
Dave Smith – Ravenheart Music (9/10)



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