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Väntan är över gott folk! 
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That’s the beauty of this album.
The direction is changed on you at a moments notice
A solid debut full album glistening with classic,
thrash and power influences but made better with the split vocals.”
Legalalien – Black Phoenix Rising (10/10)


”The quartet shows a fine work on their debut,
being somewhat different many bands because the use of calm and tender
female vocals amongst the harsh and guttural screams and grunts in different,
and in the case, Åsa Netterbrant’s voice is extremely good and sounds great to us.”
Marcos Garcia – Metal-Temple (8/10)


”If you like metal with clean and growly vocals,
with a loadsa melody thrown into the mix for good measure,
may I offer you a word of advice, buy this when it´s released.”
Dave Smith – Ravenheart Music (9/10)



We proudly present: Our new members!

It´s is time to officially give you the names and faces of our new members!
So, here you go!


1. Who might you be, except for the new drummer in Zephyra?
I am a 43 year old, down to earth fellow. My biggest interests are of course the music, but also exercising.

I am a PT in the art of Fustra.

2. Where are you from?
I was born in Kosovo, but I came to Borås back in 1976, and have lived here ever since.

3. Tell us a bit about your history in music?
I got inspired to start playing drums when I heard Dave Lombardo (Slayer) beating his kit.
I began as a drummer with friends in a band called Damnatory. 
After a few years I joined the band Crystal Eyes.

During that time (1995-2001) we released a couple of albums and went on tour.
In 2001 I chose to leave Crystal Eyes and later on me and my buddy from Damnatory
started the band Argashi, which I’m still active in.

4. How did you join up with Zephyra?
Zephyra was looking for a new drummer back in June, actually through Facebook.
We got in contact and felt a good match. Now I am  the band!

5. How do you feel about being a part of the band?
It feels really great to be in the Zephyra camp!
It´s a challenge for me as a drummer, and it´ll be fun to see how far we can steer the ship.

6. What or/and who influence you?
Dave Lombardo opened my eyes to drumming, and as second best we have Mike Portnoy (ex Dream Theater).
He is a big source of inspiration with his wonderful drum play.

7. Tell us something you don´t think many knows?
That might be that I have a 21 year old daughter, who I truly adore very much.

8. What are your expectations for the band and the release of the new album?
My expectations regarding the band is to see the challenges as a chance to develop myself as a drummer.
The songs from the new and upcoming album are awesome, and they were the first reason I wanted to join.
I think that the album (‘MENTAL ABSOLUTION’) will be well received when it´s released!

I´ll see you at the shows!

Zephyra 6-Hog-Anunnaki



1. Who might you be, except for the new bass player in Zephyra?
Here you have a 46 year young behavioural scientist, who also is a biker.

I literally love everything about motor cycles.

2. Where are you from?
Born and raised in Borås. I lived in USA for a year and a half, but that’s a while ago.
Now I live my life just outside the centre of Borås.

3. Tell us a bit about your history in music?
During the years I have played in a whole lot of genres in different bands.
Been playing live on pubs and venues for 29 years. I´m an old man you see! ;)

4. How did you join up with Zephyra?
I got in contact with Tony and Åsa through my work, since Åsa is working at the same place as I do.
We had talked about music and my interest for a great challenge as a musician.
When the former bass player chose to step down from his spot in the band,
I got the question if I wanted to join. The anwer was of course a YES.
After some test rehearsals I was in.

5. How do you feel about being a part of the band?
Super satisfied! I like working with such eager and serious musicians.

6. What or/and who influence you?
I have always looked up to Steve Harris and Victor Wooten amongst others.
I play the bass with my fingers, I never use a pick.
I always enjoy new challenges and finding ways to develop my technique.

7. Tell us something you don´t think many knows?
I am a badass gardener, especially when it comes to roses!

8. What are your expectations for the band and the release of the new album?
I believe that Zephyra will be seen and heard a lot in the future.
The songs from the album get stuck on my mind!

Every listen and the complexity makes me hear new stuff all the time.
I believe the listeners will find out what I’m talking about.

I look forward to touring with these professional musicians and great personalities!


Zephyra 3-Hog-Anunnaki



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