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June 27: @Blue Velvet, BORÅS w/A Sister of 2, Barrelhouse
July 4: @Vicious Rock Festival, TROLLHÄTTAN w/Amaranthe, The Crown, Corroded, The Poodles ::Tickets::
July 16: @Torsdagsallén, BORÅS
July 24: @HFL Festival, MOTALA w/Lillasyster, Morgana Lefay, Egonaut ::Tickets::
August 21: @Skrik & Panik Fest, KINNA w/The Burial of You and Me, Walking With Strangers, Bataar ::Tickets::


Gig diary: The battle @ Musikens Hus

Yesterday was an awesome day! We had a blast!
No, we did not win the band battle for a spot at Tons of Rock.
THOUGH, we had a GREAT night with a bunch of great folks!
We got a lot of new contacts and possible collaborations, and to be honest,
it was a win just to be chosen as one of four bands to play the competition at this classic venue!

Tons of Rock really did arrange a good event.
Good stage- and sound guys as well.
THANK YOU all for putting this up!

Some pics from the night:

Kujtim during soundcheck of the drums. 

The backstage area at Musikens Hus is filled with posters of bands that has played there during the years. 
Pretty nostalgic for many. 

It´s a bit small for 4 bands at the same time, but HEY, we all squeezed in!
There was beer, soda and mineral water for all of us.

Do we have to say which drink that was our choice? 

Some warm-ups in the locker room before getting on stage. Posing guys!

Dinner was served at Café Hängmattan. It was a veggie lasagna. Damn tasty! #superb

The other bands that participated in the battle were Trustfall, Red Bled The Sun and The Last Band.
Really great bands and nice people!
The Last Band won the spot on Tons of Rock, a HUGE congrats guys! BREAK A LEG!

Over and out  until next time!

April 18: Uttagning Torsdagsallén, Borås
May 2: E-SPORT Brygghuset, Borås 
June 27: Blue Velvet, Acoustic, Borås
July 4: Vicious Rock Festival, Trollhättan
July 24-25: H.F.L Festival, Motala
August 21: Skrik & Panik Fest, Kinna

More tour dates to announce shortly!

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